May 23, 2023

The reset


There’s so much that we’re wedded to. The way we do things, systems and processes, relationships with colleagues and customers and suppliers and partners. We slot into the groove every time. Follow the tracks we’ve followed before. This is the way it works.

Except sometimes it doesn’t work. It’s kinda serviceable and everything, but not how you’d make it if you started again.

So do something about it – actually start again.

Don’t accept an unproductive system – find a better one.

Reengineer the inconsistent process – make it smarter, faster, cheaper, better.

Redefine the dysfunctional relationship – work out how to make it win-win. Something better than how it is today. Start the difficult conversation. Give the feedback they really need to hear. Ask for the feedback you absolutely need to hear.

Don’t accept the status quo.

Find the reset button.

Skippy strategy: You don’t always have to start where you are today.