December 3, 2016

The roadmap


No nasty surprises. People (by which I mean customers, partners, suppliers, employees, managers, shareholders – you know, all the kinds of people you normally find kicking around an organisation) don’t like nasty surprises. We like certainty. Predictability. Inevitability. And then, just occasionally, we’re happy to squeeze in some nicely-planned business-as-usual-accommodating changes-for-the-better.

That’s what you like. That’s what we all like. And even if some of us like the chip-speed of change to be turned up to eleven – none of us wants a nasty surprise.

When change is coming, we like a roadmap.

The more important (which means dangerous) the path, we want to see further towards the horizon and clearer bends. So we can get ahead of the curve. Get ready. Prepare.

Help us out, will ya?

Skippy strategy: If more people count on you, the earlier you should publish your roadmap.