April 7, 2021

The scrappy way


Let’s say that there are scrappy ways of doing things, and that we use them when we’re in a hurry, when we don’t care, or when we haven’t yet worked out the non-scrappy way of doing things. Let’s say that, having learned the scrappy way, we have a choice: to scrap again, or do it non-scrappy next time.

This second time around, if you don’t care about quality or the long-term or robust potential – which might well be a reasonable choice – scrappy is the way to go. It’s effective, it’s good enough, and you can then get on with the next thing.

In every other circumstance, choose non-scrappy. Choose to use the lessons you’ve learned and then do things right, to build it better tomorrow, to make people smile, and weave the good way into the new normal smart way.

Skippy strategy: Use the lessons you learn from scrappiness.