May 28, 2021

The things you know


Buried in the heart of strategy, tucked away from the brainstorming, hidden from the expansive thinking and far far far away from the excitement of tearing up trees, lies sacrifice.

To do the things you know you have to do to achieve the results you’re committed to achieving, you have to let go of all the other things you could have done with the time and the talent and the cash. If you choose to head North, you’re abandoning all notions of the simple southern sunshine. To paint things blue means putting all the green cans aside. To double down on feature X for market Y says sayonara to features A to W for market Z.

And the trouble is … we just don’t like saying No.

And the real trouble is … we absolutely have to make that choice.

Skippy strategy: Stop doing things that stop you doing what you should.