November 7, 2018

The tree-puller


We don’t necessarily get to choose our customers, especially if our focus is a boss or internal client. But we do get choose where we spend our discretionary energies: with the excited, rule breaking, risk taking, tearing up trees challenger … or … the miserable, only sees the negatives, risk averse, nothing changes around here except the date mud-stucker.

Maybe you have to serve both – ok, you absolutely have to serve both – but even the most time pressured of us get a little flexibility. (If you don’t get that, what are you doing here?) 

Spend it on the tree-puller. Spend it with the engaged and interested. If you can’t find them in your immediate group, look a little further. Volunteer for crazy projects, for difficult assignments, for anything that gets you involved with the kind of people you want to be involved with.

Skippy strategy: Define and find your ideal customer.