December 5, 2015

The value of handshakes


What’s a handshake worth?

Refusing is a special kind of plain speaking … I neither like nor trust you and I’d rather not share space with you, you scoundrel.

At the beginning, a look in the eye and comfortable grip is a symbol of good intentions. A demonstration of an empty sword-hand and a bond to be built.

At the end, it represents the conclusion of an honourable exchange and a deal struck, a physical confirmation that commitments will be kept.

But not for some. They shake hands, walk away, and forget the bond. Ignore their commitments, change the terms, weasel and worm.

Don’t be that person.

Be the one who follows through on commitments, no matter what. Who honours the handshake. Who believes their word matters, and acts on that belief.

Skippy Strategy: When you shake hands, make sure you’re willing to follow through – or sit down again and get things straight.