September 22, 2017

The waiting


There are many frustrations in bringing new ideas to the world. Finding all the pieces, the cul de sacs as you try to make them work, sorting out all the things you got wrong or forgot the first and second and ninth time around, finding the people, working through the storming phase, all the da da da of getting stuff done.

And then … what they don’t tell you … … … the waiting.

For the technology, the components, the costs, the people, the weather, the meeting, the stars to align, the decision. If something can take its time, it does. If something can suffer delays, it does. If someone can turn circles whilst waiting for their own something, they will.

You can rage about it. You can walk laps or lose sleep or chunder-chunder to the fella in the next seat.

Or you can get on with something productive.

Skippy strategy: Something productive.