August 4, 2020

The wish and the wash


We’re probably on the same page. Probably.

In broad concepts, certainly. When we’re dealing with absolutely no detail and not much more than the direction of travel and some intended waypoints, absolutely.

After that, it’s a bit trickier. One side walks in the room with its own assumptions and body of experience, they use certain words to mean certain things. The other side, different assumptions, different experiences, and different received understanding on the meaning of things.

One level lower? We keep tripping the details. Why is that?

Spend time at every level. Spend time actively understanding: when you say that, what I hear is this … is that what you mean? Take the wish and the wash from the concepts, spell out the outcomes and the outputs, get down and dirty on the details of what and when and how and who.

Skippy strategy: Define your terms and keep them crystal.