November 5, 2020

The words meet the air


As soon as it gets too big to meet in a phone box, every organisation struggles with communications. Inside your head, everything is crystal – although, probably not (try explaining it to your mother). Outside your head, as soon at the words meet the air, the idea breaks down, the plan breaks down, the focus breaks down and the wheels fall off.

There are two ways to take the challenge of communications. One option, seemingly taken by the many, is to accept the inevitable confusion and just muddle through by sheer force of will and disposable resources. The alternative choice, taken by the few, it to try that little bit harder … and then harder again.

The few: they talk it out, the mull over and revisit, mine for conflict and push for clarity. And the tell everyone. Then tell them again, and again. And again.

Skippy strategy: Push for clear lines.