September 20, 2018

Their castle


Customers will buy when they’re ready. Not when you want them to, not when makes most sense to you, not at the most objectively logical moment (or even for logical reasons). Customers do what they want (within whatever constraints they have), when they want (within constraints) and for the reasons they want (within their personal logic).

Your job is to live within their castle.

If that means you have to incentivise and chivvy and cajole, so be it. You can put them under time pressure and seduce them with syrup in their ear. You can do all the things you’ve ever learned to do … and still they’ll respond within their own constraints and using their own thought processes.

And it might mean sitting by the phone or getting on with something else whilst their clock and reasoning clicks into place.

Skippy strategy: Sometimes you have to let the clock handle it.