June 23, 2017

Their fascination


Your product might be perfect for them. They might get enormous benefit. It could be the most significant decision they make this year.

Thing is … none of that makes you anything other than mildly interesting compared to their real fascination … themselves and their situation.

Customers care about their own situation. Their interest in you, your product or your service is based entirely on the potential to improve their lives. To help them do something they want to do, to overcome some obstacle, to remove cost from their process, to make them feel good about themselves, to make them go faster-smarter-leaner-higher-longer-cleaner.

It’s all about them.

No matter how interesting you thing you and your story are, get to the point.

Lay out the proposition, talk benefits, understand their desires and make it personal to them.

Walk in their shoes, in their circle of concern.

Skippy strategy: It’s about them.