November 15, 2021

Their help


Bringing new things to the world, or even bringing things to a new world – as in, selling – you’re at the mercy of whatever buying process and decision making your customer chooses to put in your path. You bend, you adapt, you meet way past the middle, you keep a smile on your face and do your best. All the while, you’re frustrated, confused, disappointed, occasionally angry and often despondent. And all so your customer can take advantage of something you genuinely believe will improve their wold.

When you’re the buyer, when you’re negotiating contracts from the other side of the table, when it’s your money being exchanged for products and services … remember how it feels on the other side.

Smart buyers treat suppliers like partners and want good will – because, you never know when you’ll need their help – as well as good value.

Skippy strategy: Treat your suppliers with good will.