October 9, 2018

Their hesitancy


Taking services out to meet the world, the world doesn’t only meet the service, they meet you. Which means two levels of the know-like-trust continuum.

Introducing a new service to their organisation, customers have to work their way past all the usual price-bound issues and step through their hesitancy over relying on something tomorrow that they didn’t know about yesterday. It can be a slow process as first they learn about, and never as quickly as you or they want, they learn to trust.

As the same time, they’re learning about you. At the start, without prior knowledge, they’ll have you in the same not-quite-sure-about bucket as everyone else. Never mind how upstanding, action oriented and commitment driven you actually are … you still have to earn that position in their mind. And that too, doesn’t happen as quickly as you’d like. 

Skippy strategy: Do good work … they’ll trust you.