July 9, 2017

Their ideas


When you take something new out to meet the world, customers’ reactions can be surprising.

Sometimes in a good way. Like when they stand up, point at the screen, say, “That’s what I want” and shake your hand. Done deal.

Other times, they highlight things you played down, they ask for things you can’t do, they ignore things you think sing.

Mostly, they have their own ideas about what’s important and what they want. And, surprise!, they like their ideas more than yours.

In the meeting, you do the best you can to match things up, respond to the ideas and build the trust.

After the meeting, the deeper work. What did it mean? Was there a general thought you should co-opt? Should you re-set your assumptions? How should it affect the roadmap?

Are they an outlier or at the centre of demand?

Skippy strategy: Examine your assumptions.