February 23, 2024

Their passive place


Good or bad, you have a conversation.

– When you’re selling something, you could use a megaphone and hope that someone will listen to your spiel from beginning to end, preying they’ll find sufficient value in there somewhere to make a positive buying decision. But it’s smarter to engage in a conversation and work out where and how your two perspectives might fit together.

– When you’re dealing with creditors, or debtors, or staff, or partners, or your boss, or shareholders, or suppliers, or customers – or your doctor – you could treat it as a one way street, where one of you talks and the other sits on the stoop, knowing their passive place. But it’s smarter to engage in a conversation, to listen, to share viewpoints and find an understanding that indicates the way forward.

Skippy strategy: Whether you’re letting them down or making their day, talk it through.