June 2, 2020

Their shoes


Anyone who’s built something, been involved with it for long enough or has any sense of ownership knows what it’s like to talk about their charge. They tend to use the language that developed along the way, see the beauty more clearly than the weaknesses, and maximise the potential whilst minimising the shortfalls. In short, they’re a little bit inward facing.

Their customers aren’t. They have their own agenda and their own language. They care less about what the product might do tomorrow and more, much more, about what it will do today. They see it in context with the status quo, the other calls on their resources, the pressure they under and the ambitions they’re trying to realise.

When you’re going out to meet the world unlearn your internal language and use your customers’. Use their context, their requirements, their agenda.

Skippy strategy: It really is about their shoes.