February 17, 2024

Their space


If you’re doing your thing for an external customer, and you’re doing it well … not only does your customer pay attention. Even if you’re stealthy, even if you only do it for a few, and even if you’ve just come out of the traps – eventually, competitors will find out and do something about it.

They’ll adopt your best practices, co-opt your language, undermine your competitive advantages, whisper your (possibly invented or meaningless) weaknesses into the ears of your prospects, undercut your prices, double down on their advertising, and do every other thing they can think of to keep you out of what they consider to be their space.

You may not like it. You can get mad about it. You can return the compliment.

But the smartest way to use your energies is to keep on doing what you’re doing and let the customer decide.

Skippy strategy: Keep the focus on the customer.