September 19, 2016

Then you’ll know


It’s comfortable and warm in your office.

You can tuck yourself away and hone your proposition to a point, keep on coding and moulding and shaping and coaxing things into life. All without interruption or any need to explain what your up to or convince anyone else it’s a good idea.

And it’s probably great.

Except, you don’t really know.

Until you … get out of your office, meet people who know nothing, have no vested interest, who aren’t motivated by cash or friendship to make you happy, who are working on their own things, and … show and tell.

And see what happens.

And then you’ll know.

Whether you’re on the right track. Whether you’ve nailed it. Where it falls short. How to talk about it. Who is interested and who isn’t.

Getting out there: ten times more useful than staying in here.

Skippy strategy: Go find someone to talk to.