March 20, 2023

There’s competition


Everybody knows there’s competition. Even the extremely-blinkered who say their product is unique understand that there’s always someone else competing for the same penny in their customer’s pocket.

Everybody knows their competition will react. They’ll talk up (and invent) all the risks they say will hurt your customer and that “We’re only pointing out (Dear Customer) because we think you aught to know.” They’ll talk down your innovations and say their own are just around the corner, better ones actually, fully integrated and at a competitive price. Or free … whatever it takes to scorch the earth. 

Everybody knows.

So when it happens, don’t get emotional. Stay in your wheelhouse. 

All the reasons you’re doing what you’re doing. All the smart thinking. All the care and attention and risk management you’ve spread into every layer of the proposition.

Know that your winning formula is winning.

Skippy strategy: Stay in your wheelhouse.