January 23, 2024

They look like a snail


Customers tend to move at their own pace.

From the outside … they look like a snail. Hard shell, slow moving, tripping themselves up on their single foot, a sticky not slick operation. Not pretty except to other snails (who might be your equally slow-moving incumbent competitors).

On the inside … who knows. Maybe they’re fighting the good fight. Battling distractions, competing projects, funding issues, an unholy mess, naysayers and skeptics. Maybe the intransigent one is actually your advocate-number-one. Maybe she’s playing a long game which isn’t comfortable for you today, but is good for you tomorrow. Maybe you should give her the benefit of the doubt.

Present the path of lowest friction. Don’t hassle them, keep adding options, throwing curve balls. Don’t make life complicated or time pressured. Don’t become another irritation.

Be there, check in, respond with generosity, be patient.

Skippy strategy: Remember, everywhere, it’s harder than it looks.