May 2, 2020

They say, Hmm?


It’s lovely when your long planned-for Ta-Da! goes off exactly as planned – with the thing doing what the thing was supposed to do and the reactions being exactly how you’d dreamed they’d be. Lovely, but rare. Most time, you say Ta-Da!, they say Hmm?, and then the real work begins … of bringing everyone inside with your thinking and onboard with your timing.

The Ta-Da! is dramatic, and fun when it comes off, but most times it’s better to bring people along the road with you. Let them in early, expose your thinking, get their critiques if they have time and their help if they’re willing. It’s a lower risk, higher percentage, just as exciting route.

Start with a slide deck, and whilst you’re putting the people, processes and parts together, build a coalition of the willing to pay attention.

Skippy strategy: Start with a coalition of the willing. Then build.