December 2, 2019

They say


There’s a philosophy, let’s call it Build For Today. Advocates say that you should do what you have to do based on what you’re dealing with now. When tomorrow comes, that’s the time to deal with tomorrow’s issues. They say it’s pragmatic. They say it focuses attention. They say it’s the best way of assigning scarce resources … and resources are always scarce. That’s what They say.

The alternative philosophy, Build for Tomorrow. Sure, deal with what you have to deal with on a day-by-day basis, but focus a goodly portion of your thinking and doing on the issues you know are coming around the track. Prepare for the good things and the bad things that must be around the corner. Get ahead of the game.

If you’re dealing with one, you’ll waste your time arguing in favour of the other.

Skippy strategy: If their philosophy is incompatible, find someone else to play with.