September 1, 2018

They will help you


Customers are very good a describing their current way of dealing with a problem – ranging from dancing around to avoid having to deal with it to a perfect solution that’s low cost and fits their workflow. They’re also extremely good at telling you what’s wrong with their existing solution.

What they’re not very good at is describing something better.

You’re job is to understand their problems and the weakness in their existing solutions (both of which they’re qualified, willing and rather good at defining – meaning … they will help you), and then to build the product or service that makes their world better (something you’re qualified, motivated and able to do) – ideally at a lower cost and better fit.

You do your research, ask questions, look for evidence and conformation, build and test and build and test.

None of this is based on assumptions.

Skippy strategy: Act on the assumption that assumptions are dangerous. Ask.