April 8, 2019

They’ll walk mountains


Things go wrong, and sometimes it’s entirely your supplier’s fault, or your partner’s, or your customer’s. Not yours.

What happens next is interesting.

If you scream and shout and push for better terms, or nail your customers for more money and less delivery, you may end up on the plus side of a nil sum game. But it’s a short term win. Next time they’re looking for people to do business with, they’ll remember what happened and move on to the next booth.

If you do the honourable thing, if you do whatever it takes, if you share the responsibility, pick up the shovel and dig your way out shoulder to shoulder, it may cost a little more time and energy and cash – and that can hurt – but next time around, everyone knows who they’ll walk mountains for.

Skippy strategy: Adversity is the mother of finding your true partners.