September 9, 2022

They’re busy


It’s easy to drop out of touch. You’re busy, they’re busy, battling the day to day. In fact, dealing with life, it’s not so much easy to drop out of touch, it’s the default.

It takes effort to find time in your day, to reach out, say hi, make the connection, keep lines open. It’s been a while … maybe they’re too busy, maybe they don’t want the interruption, the distraction, maybe they’ve moved on.

Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe they’ve also defaulted to dealing with the things they’re dealing with and haven’t had the time or the energy to raise their eyes. There’s no way to work it out on your own. There’s only one way to find out. One way to break the nothingness of default abstraction. Ask. Pick up the phone, write the email, send the message. Then you’ll know.

Skippy strategy: Don’t leave connections in their default position.