April 17, 2017

They’ve got issues

South Bank

Hanging around in B2B for a while, you come across any number of things that should change. Places and processes and things that haven’t kept up, investments that turned into more of a hindrance than a helping of handiness, partnerships and suppliers and customers who should know better but are locked together by strategy or risk aversion or narrow-sighted blinkers.

The problem on the outside isn’t seeing the opportunity – it’s right there in your face. It isn’t even getting those on the inside to broaden their vision – they know they’ve got issues.

The inside problem is the business case: what is the commercial reason why we should change this thing, and why now?

Without the business case, all you’re offering is change for change’s sake.

And even if they like the idea, it isn’t likely to rise to the top of their priority list.

Skippy strategy: Define the business case.