April 7, 2019

Things become normal


Good things. The things you like about the where and the who and the how and the what of your team. Good things become normal. You take them for granted and if you ever think about them, it’s not about how good they are, it’s about what next you can do with them.

Bad things. The things that irritate and frustrate and embarrass and annoy. Bad things become normal too. If you don’t deal with them straight away … they get left in place until they become part of it. A general grumbling thing. A thing you’ve become accustomed to and adept at dodging around or ignoring or just not seeing any more. Like graffiti in the car park. There. But not there. Not to you.

Freshen up. Look around.

What is good? Throw a spotlight on it.

What is bad? Dig it out.

Skippy strategy: Good or bad, do something about it.