March 4, 2016

Things go wrong


The short version … sort them out.

The slightly longer version …

Things always go wrong. Maybe not this time, maybe not next, but soon. Contingencies, double-redundancies, risk-management strategies and factory-gate checks – all will be foiled by the snowball effect of one small thing smashing its coal eyes into another.

And then the best you can hope for … someone picks up the pieces.

And that’s the whole game.

Things will always go wrong, its how you deal with them that counts.

Ho hum reactions – goodwill seeps away.

Grab hold of the issue, own the problem, truly sort it out – legendary service status and loyal customers who tell their friends.

If you’re still wondering, hide or turn full face? Let me tell you about the bank that …

Skippy strategy: Stop talking about service. Show them.