October 31, 2019

This audience


The first audience is always internal. For the presentation, the press release, the product launch. How do we clarify the story for them? How do we explain our position for them? How do we clarify the product, the architecture, the philosophy, the idea for them? How do we get them to get that it’s us?

This audience, no bluster. They know better.

This audience, the facts, the reasoning, the purpose, the direction. They know when it’s authentic. This audience, they need to understand what and where it is, how they contribute, where they fit, the risks and the rewards.

After this audience, same story. Maybe not every detail, but still no bluster. Maybe not every fact, but still authentic.

If the objective is to get them to think-along – if not, why present? – get them to think-along with reality.

Skippy strategy: For every audience you care about … reality is impressive enough.