September 8, 2020



Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was never a dispute over exactly what was said or agreed. If everyone had a clear, shared and explicit understanding of the conclusion of the discussion and knew exactly where they stood. That all disagreements has been ironed out at the start, and there was no room for anything other than minor wriggling during or after the fact. Better yet, the agreement covered the outcomes as much as the inputs and outputs, and that everyone was happy with their part of the bargain.

Lovely, but not likely.

Not likely because it’s too difficult to foresee everything. Not likely because we’re all a bit shy digging into the thorny, disputed, easy to disagree about stuff. Not likely because thinking things through is hard.

Not likely, in its entirety, but worth shooting for all the same.

Skippy strategy: Dig a little deeper, think a little harder.