July 17, 2018

Those eggshells


Those eggshells you’re walking on:

– Doing everything you can to say what you want to say without actually saying what you need to say.

– Avoiding the subject that everyone knows you need to address.

– Failing to bring up the thing.

– Being diplomatic when you know diplomacy doesn’t work with this person.

– Finding new ways to skirt the subject, avoiding direct language, pulling back whenever you feel the slightest defensive reflex, shushing friction.

Those eggshells.

You might think treading so softly helps because it avoids the conflict. It doesn’t help. It prolongs the difficulties. 

Conflict is a necessary and healthy part of building a stronger team and organisation. It’s only by entering the conflict that you really get into the issues that need dealing with.

Some of those issues will be difficult, full of vested interested interests and vulnerable egos.

Dealing with them … is leadership.

Skippy strategy: Break those eggshells.