May 8, 2020

Those partners


There are those partners who are in it for the long game. They understand and support, they stand with you, hands dirty, as you dig the ditches that make things flow, they were with you yesterday and they’ll be with you tomorrow, they know that they can’t do what you do and they’ve chosen you because you can.

There are those partners who are in it for what they can get. They’re more transactional, they’re clear about their objectives and that they only want to work with partners who understand that imperative, they’re focused and direct.

Of course, all partners are a mix of the extremes.

Of course, it’s better to know who you’re dealing with at the start.

Of course, it’s better still to know what you’re looking for before the start.

Skippy strategy: What you’re looking for in a partner … someone you understand and appreciate in all their reality.