October 13, 2020

Thrash things out


At some point you fully understand what you’re up against. Most times, that point happens at the end, way after it would have been useful.

The thinking goes … you only know what you need to know when need to know it. So we dive into projects and thrash things out as we go along. And we get there. Maybe it takes longer than we’d like (always), maybe it feels like chasing spaghetti (always), maybe we spend two-thirds of the time reworking things we got wrong (always).

The alternative thinking goes … I know we’re going to thrash around, so let’s do as much thrashing now, at the beginning, working things out, learning all we can possibly learn at the start, whilst it’s cheaper and easier … maybe we’ll go faster and remove some kinks.

The alternative is (always) cheaper.

Skippy strategy: Thrash around at the beginning, when learning is easier and faster.