April 12, 2017

Time and place


Let’s make the assumption that you’ve got a better mousetrap right there in your bag. You understand the problem better than the next guy, you’ve engineered the right solution at the right price and the time is now.

What’s next? What have you forgotten? Why isn’t the world beating a path to your door?

Two reasons:

– They don’t know. They’ve never heard about you or your mousetrap or why they should believe it’s better even if they have.

This is a marketing problem. Get out them and tell them. Give them proof. Sell.

– They’re busy with something else. They’re thinking about almost anything except mice right now so you come under the category of inconvenient non-priority.

Reality: nothing you can do about that.

But this is still a marketing problem.

Find someone else to tell, someone who’s actively trying to solve their mouse problem, right now.

Skippy strategy: Time and place.