January 20, 2016

Time to go slow


There’s a time for “go big or go home” and a merry bunch of advocates to push that agenda (usually when it’s someone else’s risk) – and there’s a time to go slow.

It’s not a risk avoiders charter, there’s no inherent licence to take baby-steps when giant-steps are the best way forward. But when the time is wrong, or the path too uncertain, when discretion is the better part, go slowly.

It’s about giving yourself time to think, to work through problems, to learn what needs to be learnt, to put the mandatory pieces in the necessary places.

– Getting the algorithm to work before buffing the front end
– Testing the market before blowing the marketing.
– Hiring for fit, not hiring for quota.

You can always go faster, but sometimes it’s smart to go slow.

Skippy Strategy: Calendar are not decision makers. Go as fast as you can, and no more.