December 29, 2018

Time to review


We all have tools we turn to time and again. Our investor deck structure, the way to handle a difficult conversation, how to manage a crisis, how to contract with suppliers, selling as a strategic act. Everything we’ve done that was even moderately successful has the potential to get set as our standard tool next time we need it out of the bag.

In a moment of need, the first thing you do is reach into the bag . It’s available, it’s proved itself, it’s your trusty retainer. 

Ta da! Job done. 

But after the event, before you slot it back for next time … is it sharp enough? 

Tools need attention too. Sharpening, oiling, maintaining – and sometimes they wear out or something better comes along that does the job faster, smarter, easier.

The best time to review? When you don’t need to.

Skippy strategy: It is still the best tool for the job?