April 14, 2016

Time to thrash


Don’t dive straight in, make quick progress, find yourself deep down a rabbit hole, and thrash all the way out again.

Thrash at the beginning.

Enjoy thrashing at the beginning.

Give yourself to thrashing at the beginning.

Learn from the thrashing.

Build knowledge, test ideas, work through problems, understand the issues, prototype and model, rework, rethink, go around in circles, explore promising cul de sacs, whiteboard, argue, whiteboard. Ding!

And when the thrashing’s done?

Come to conclusions. Follow the path. And with all that understanding … you know when nipping and tucking are necessary, and you’ll know just where to apply the remedy.

The time to thrash is at the beginning. When ideas are endless and mistakes cost nothing more than marker ink and a gentle blush.

Skippy strategy: Learn at the beginning, not at the end.