March 9, 2016

To be agile


The agile move with ease.

They think and understand quickly, see the implications, make connections, build alliances, pull things together, act. Most of all, they move easily. Like a gymnast loosening up. All the movement, none of the strain. It’s effortless.

It’s not for all.

Big companies struggle, bound to process and schedule. Monoliths. They have the ideas, but the system stifles change.

How long to change a lightbulb? How long to wrestle the supply chain, schedule the meeting, re-write the ISO, re-train the operator, establish the cross-charge rate, turn the actual screw and finally, before it goes again, orchestrate the paperwork and get it signed-off by the regulator.

Agile: seeing plus thinking plus understanding plus acting … quick.

Skippy strategy: Like the gymnast, agility takes training. Don’t wait until you need it.