March 10, 2016

To be fast


Every organisation has a natural pace: the speed at which it can make decisions and put them into action. For most, it’s the comfortably slow whomp … whomp … whomp of an old beam-engine – every revolution visible. To go a little faster: add more energy and stoke the fire. It’s exhausting.

A truly fast company isn’t about the fuel or the poker, it’s about the engineering.

People and processes designed from the i of idea to be capable of moving at speed. Quick decision making, short order times, chunking the problem, baby steps and plenty of ‘em, a work ethic that both sharpens the blade and cuts the tree.

Fast companies don’t have to move quick – but they’re ready, and they’re practiced, and they’re game.

Skippy strategy: The poker is for haste. The design is for speed.