June 17, 2019

To build consensus


So you start to build consensus. You do it by drawing pictures whenever the conversation turns interesting. Back of the napkin, big whiteboards, scraps of paper – at every meeting you organise, over every coffee, with anyone who has a perspective that might help or an opinion they’ll share.

It isn’t about getting everyone on board with your plan. It’s about building a plan that everyone’s on board with because they helped scratch it out of the blank piece of paper. Buy-in is instant. The collective good it obvious. Wisdom has been sucked from the woodwork. It’s benefited from broad interventions, it finds its place in the bigger picture, it’s been iterated and evolved.

Funding is easier, building the team is easier, staying on track is easier, dealing with adversity is easier.

Skippy strategy: Consensus isn’t bringing everyone on board, it’s building the ship and choosing the destination together.