April 23, 2021

To confuse


There’s everybody else on your team, and then there’s you.

Everybody else gets to do what’s necessary to pull of the flights and magic that take you from where you are now to where you’ve all agreed you want to be. They do the day to day, they do the project work, they jump the chasms and surmount the hills along the way, pulling together in pursuit of their common goal.

Then there’s you. You do all that, and you keep everyone on it. You dig in when necessary and remember, every now and again, to bring them all together to remind them of where they’re heading and why they’re going there.

You also have the authority to mess it up: to get in the way, to change direction, to confuse, to frustrate and to be the biggest and tightest bottleneck.

Skippy strategy: Don’t use your authority to mess things up.