October 11, 2018

To find their way


If you were in the business of selling running shoes, it’s unlikely you’d waste your time stopping obviously unfit people on the street to convince them of a) the efficacy of running in general, and b) the benefits of your shoe in particular. Not because your products aren’t good, but because these people aren’t in the market for your products. It might work but, it’s a low-probably strategy and if anyone suggested it you’d tie on your best designs and remove yourself physically from the bad advice. 

You’d probably suggest a smarter strategy. You’d suggest putting your name and your products out there, in places where people hang out when they already know they want some running shoes and are actively looking for solutions that solve their problem.

Skippy strategy: Selling isn’t about educating the unwilling into buying. It’s about helping those already in the market to find their way.