August 5, 2017

To go further


Sometimes the customer wants you to go further than you can.

– More time than you have on your hands.

– More features than you can build before delivery-day.

– More products than you can push down the line.

– More credit than your cash flow can stand.

– More handholding, more support, more anything than was part of the deal and you’re set up to deliver.

What to do? Say No, let them down straight away and risk they go somewhere else, or say Yes, let them down in the end and risk they go somewhere else?

The big question: is it further than you can or further than you like?

– Further than you can … just say No. Risk the relationship on the basis of honesty.

– Further than you like … do it, learn the lesson, and work out how to make this the last time.

Skippy strategy: Too much, or more than you want?