June 17, 2017

To know more


There are times when you just don’t have enough data, or you want more than you’re offered, or you’re not sure about a detail, or you don’t understand the acronym, or the assumption seems off, or you’re not sure you (or they) understand the question, or the whole thing smells funny, or you want to know more.

And when that happens, and you’re dealing with the kind of people you want to deal with, there’s no harm is asking:

– Are you sure that’s the correct price?

– Can you get it here by Tuesday?

– What does that mean?

– Shall we go over that one more time?

– What am I missing here?

– What do you mean when you say that?

– Is there a way we can work this out?

– Can we quote for your business?

– What’s behind this number?

When you want to know … ask.

Skippy strategy: There’s no harm in asking.