May 5, 2018

To the crest


It’s definitely nice when it happens but there isn’t much rolling down hill when you’re bringing new things to the world. Most times, it’s all up hill.

Why is that?

Systems are inflexible, period.

Worse, everyone involved, outside your immediate team, have a full schedule already and plenty other things to do. Whether with their time or their money or their people: competing things, conflicting things, things they know how to do, things they like doing, things they have a vested interest in, things they’re already being paid to do. And you come along and want to change all that. Maybe it’ll be for the better – that’s certainly your pitch – but even if it is for the better it’s still going to be a lot more work to do something for you than not.

Skippy strategy: Expect change to be an up hill struggle, all the way to the crest.