June 27, 2020

To the point


With plenty to say and only five minutes to say it, we find ourselves being pretty direct. All the fluff, all the couching, all the counterbalanced arguments, all the face saving prevarication, all the coulds and woulds and maybes, all the things we do when we know we want to say something but can’t bring ourselves to say it … gone.

With plenty to say, and no way to hide it, we set out feet, face forward and find we can get our message across – simple, direct, easy to understand. All sizzle.

 Let’s try that trick all the time. Let’s imagine that time is limited (it is), that the subject is important (if it isn’t, why are we wasting our time), and work in the knowledge that everyone is a grown up and can deal with things in a grown up way.

Skippy strategy: Direct, and straight to the point.