February 2, 2020

Together, together


You probably think you’re acting in their best interest, developing something new for your customers, designing a new compensation plan for your team, reorganising the work flow for the project. You’ve seen the weaknesses in the current plan (the one you designed in the first place) and you’re sure you can see how to fix it. You did it before, and now with a bit more experience and a wider perspective, you can do it again.

Maybe you can. Maybe your vision is keen and your ideas clear. Maybe you can work through every scenario and foresee every issue, and build a better mouse trap before breakfast. Maybe.

Or, maybe you’d be better – and so would everyone else – to take a few soundings. Invite a broader group around the table and play systems-design as a team sport.

Skippy strategy: Gather your team around the table, pull the plan together, together.