October 10, 2021

Too coldly


There are times when we have to give bad news, like the end of a contract, or the price is too high, or the quality has slipped, or we’re not going ahead. If you’ve been on the other end of those conversations you know how they feel; the stages of grief, the self doubt, the wish for time travel and the rabbit hole of second guesses. You’ll also know it’s worse when the news is delivered without compassion, or too coldly or aggressively.

When it’s your turn on the other side of the table, don’t do that. Be human, explain the reasons, head off undue concerns, make linkages clear and make it clear when there is no linkage. The objective: be clear, eliminate doubt and maybes, and leave a good feeling because it’s possible you’ll need each other in the future.

Skippy strategy: With good news and bad, be human.