August 5, 2020

Too late


When you know, when there’s no doubt, you might go into denial or face-saving mode, but you need to get over it and tell everyone what’s happening. Because when they know, even if they go through their own anger or denial or face-saving, they can start running contingencies.

Like when the product is going to be late, like when the functionality is impossible, like when the speaker can’t actually speak. Like any time when a promise was made and it can’t be delivered.

Get over the pain and the embarrassment, pick up the phone, and tell them.

The alternative? Don’t tell them. Let them go on believing that the thing is on budget and on time and all is good with the world. Let them make plans and put ducks in rows, and then let them down badly when it’s too late to make a difference.

Skippy strategy: Tell them.