February 24, 2024

Too much effort


Some companies are too much effort.

Maybe it’s their systems. Everyone knows they’re out of step with the way things should be, but no one has enough time or care or authority to sort it out.

Maybe it’s their people. Narrow in focus and busy with their day-to-day. No one sees the web of interference they’re made to run.

Maybe it’s their structure. We overlapping responsibilities and underwhelming authority, everyone has to move before anyone can move, and lining that up saps time and energy.

Every day is a slow hard slog. Wading through organisational treacle. To get the basic things done.

It’s their leadership.

It’s lack care, settling, failure to act, acceptance.

The next question – the only question – is what are we going to do about it.

If you the customer … find somewhere else to do your business.

If you are the leader … start leading.

Skippy strategy: On either side, demand more.